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What else can bring people together better than good beer, good music, and good food? Nothing! That's why we got into this business! And we're loving every minute of it. Browse through our year-round, seasonal, and rotating beers and get to know us a little better...

Note: these are all (well, nearly all) of our beers to date. For a current list of our available lineup, check out our TAPROOM page.

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  • Collaboration with Brieux Carré

  • (New Orleans, LA)

  • Wheat Beer with Lime Zest, Pink Himalayan Salt & Kveik Yeast
  • Our first collaboration brew! Working in tandem with Citra hops and tons of fresh lime zest is a cutting-edge yeast culture hailing from Norway that we’re super excited about. A dash of pink Himalayan salt compliments the bright, citrusy profile to create an ideal companion for the dog days of summer.

  • 4.2% abv | 15 ibu | 2 srm


WATERLOO SUNSET English-style Summer Ale

  • Bridging the gap between a Bitter and a Blonde, this easygoing pale ale will have you feeling made in the shade. Often a signature quality of many English-style ales, the biscuity, cereal-like malt character on display provides plenty of flavor to keep your palate satisfied and your thirst quenched.

  • 3.9% abv | 20 ibu | 5 srm


El Dorado Single-Hop IPA feat. El Dorado hops

  • With origins as fabled as the name would suggest, El Dorado hops are revered for their intense aroma and flavor potential. Waves of lemon zest, strawberry, nectarine, and tropical fruit candy are buoyed by a velveteen mouthfeel and very subtle bitterness.

  • 7.3% abv | 25 ibu | 3 srm

Wild Eye.jpg

Wild Eye Rye IPA

  • This silky and crisp American IPA pairs piney Simcoe and Chinook hops with Rye for a moresome and fresh candy complexity that you won’t put down until the last drop.
  • 6.7% abv 65 ibu | 5 srm

El Verano Single-Hop Juicy IPA feat. Summer Hops

  • Summer hops are a fascinating Australian variety that both perplex and satisfy our taste buds. Delicate by nature, displaying bold notes of apricot, melon, orange sherbet, and passionfruit. This heavily dry-hopped hazy IPA is soft on the tongue, low in bitterness, and positively dreamy.
  • 6.6% abv | 25 ibu | 3 srm


¡EL SAICO! Single-Hop Cryo-Mosaic IPA

  • True to their name, Mosaic hops express a wide range of aromas and flavors – from blueberry, lemon peel and mango to fresh pine, earth, and rose petal. For this beer, we used cryogenically processed Mosaic hops that are specially designed to capture all the intense aroma without imparting bitterness. The result is an extremely dynamic yet silky smooth hop showcase.
  • 7.1% abv | 25 ibu | 3 srm


Golden Age German-style Pils

  • Skillfully minimalist in both recipe and character, our rendition of the timeless Pilsner is about as satisfying as it gets. Crisp and lively on the tongue, featuring a mild, earthy hop bouquet and superbly clean finish.

  • 4.5% abv | 36 ibu | 2 srm

Dunkel Munich Dark Lager

  • This ruby-hued lager may appear daunting, but don’t let looks fool you. Displaying malt flavors of cocoa, pastry, and pumpernickel, all the while maintaining a remarkably light body and easygoing disposition.
  • 5.0% abv | 22 ibu | 21 srm


  • Flaunting a deep golden glow and meringe-like froth, saison is the quintessential Belgian farmhouse ale. Dry and effervescent, and complex yet delicate in flavor. Notes of honeysuckle, sourdough, peppercorn, tart green apple, lemon zest, earthy/floral hops, and banana gradually reveal themselves in this refreshing, pastoral beer.
  • 6.0% abv | 32 ibu |3 srm
Hamilton Pale (4).jpg

  • Apricot, peach, and tropical citrus aroma. Bright, hoppy, and crisp. A focus on late hop additions provides a lot of juicy flavor while keeping bitterness to a minimum.
  • 4.9% abv | 26 ibu | 4 srm
Cosmic Cowboy IPA (2).jpg

  • Ripe pineapple and grapefruit notes floating on a layer of pine. Satisfying, but entices you back for more. A true American IPA: Inspired by the classics, but forward-thinking.
  • 7.0% abv | 69 ibu | 5 srm
Grackle Imperial Stout.jpg

  • Rich, robust, pitch-black and ominous. Notes of coffee, prunes, baker’s chocolate, and heavily roasted malts are complimented by a lingering alcohol warmth. Full bodied and full of attitude.
  • 8.9% abv | 42 ibu | 60 srm
Helles 5.jpg

  • Strikingly elegant and refreshing, our rendition of a Bavarian classic leaves nothing to be desired but another pour. Soft, bready, and bright, this golden lager is the perfect elixir for the Texas heat.
  • 4.6% abv | 20 ibu | 2 srm

  • Our tart and refreshing take on the classic German sour wheat beer uses a unique lactic fermentation process, resulting in a fresh, spritzy brew that's low in alcohol and bitterness. Watch for seasonal versions with fruit additions!

  • 3.7% | 3 ibu | 3 srm

  • Delicate in both mouthfeel and flavor, and brilliant in appearance. Subtle notes of white grape, fresh flowers, and pear coalesce with a crackery, cereal-like sweetness to create a clean summertime ale that's as quaffable as they come.
  • 4.7% abv | 25 ibu | 3 srm

  • Fresh bread aroma and a creamy honey graham cracker flavor blend harmoniously with a bright and crisp hop finish, resulting in a remarkably balanced and seductive lager.
  • 5.1% abv | 27 ibu | 9 srm

Peace Train IPA

  • Dynamic and juicy, showcasing four classic American hops: Cascade, Centennial, Chinook, and Citra. Teeming with flavors of tropical citrus, orange, sweet grapefruit, white peach, and evergreen.
  • 6.8% abv | 50 ibu | 3.5 srm
Fox Rye Lager.jpg

  • Dry, spicy rye and noble hops in perfect harmony with the Pilsner Malt foundation. Named for one of the property’s wild residents, who always seems to appear at curious times.
  • 5.0% abv | 35 ibu | 3 srm

  • Medium bodied and brightly hopped with an alluring ruby-black color. Bittersweet dark chocolate leads to a zesty citrus peel finish.

  • 6.8% abv | 55 ibu | 30 srm

  • After facing near extinction in the mid-20th century, this rustic Belgian ale has made quite the comeback. Fragrant notes of sweet tangerine and bright coriander segue into a delightful, velvety mouthfeel and zesty finish
  • 4.2% abv | 15 ibu | 3 srm
King Biscuit.jpg

  • Biscuity caramel malt character is buoyed by the subtle presence of floral English hops. A crisp, clean finish makes this an ideal session brew.
  • 5.0% abv | 34 ibu | 10 srm
Ocelot 3.jpg

    • Bursting with tropical aromas reminiscent of mango, guava, ripe melon, and apricot. Loads of juicy hop character with just the right amount of bitterness. We've kept the haze restrained, but included all the flavor.
    • 6.6% abv | 60 ibu | 4 srm

    • 2018 Ales For ALS Benefit Beer - $1 per pint donated to ALS Therapy Development Institute
    • Pours pale orange and hazy with a pillowy white head, and aroma notes of mango, vanilla, orange, and pine. The full, creamy mouthfeel, melon and tropical fruit flavors, and lingering hop finish belie its easily sessionable low alcoholic content.
    • 4.7% abv | 56 ibu | 3 srm
    Ghost White IPA.jpg

    • Hazy and pale, with light berry and citrus notes from the combination of estery Belgian yeast and fruity American hops. A perfect hybrid of two very different styles.
    • 4.9% abv | 55 ibu | 3 srm

    • Brewed like a new-school IPA and fermented with our house lager yeast, IPL is a stylistic crossover that just feels meant-to-be. Woodsy, earthy aroma leads to flavors of berries and evergreen, snappy but full mouthfeel, and a clean finish.
    • 6.3% abv | 59 ibu | 5 srm

    • Malty and smooth, with a deep tobacco hue and an approachable body. Toasted oats and Honey Malt lend an oatmeal cookie aroma.
    • 5.2% abv | 25 ibu | 17 sr

    Winter Warmer

    • Rich layers of malt unfold to evoke flavors of toffee, maple, braised stone fruit, cereal, and brown bread. Warming, deceptively complex, and hearty enough to help you endure those pesky cold fronts.
    • 6.7% abv | 45 ibu | 20 srm