Are y'all staying open during the COVID-19 outbreak?

While unfortunately, our taproom is closed to the public for the time being, in accordance with directives from state and local government, we are now offering To-Go beer for pickup every Wednesday thru Friday from 3pm to 7pm, and every Saturday and Sunday from 12pm to 7pm.

Please see our HOME or TO-GO BEER pages for more details and online ordering!

Where are you located?

Are your beers vegetarian or vegan? Gluten-free?

Currently all of our beers are produced with no animal products of any kind. If we ever do make an exception to that, we'll make it explicitly clear.

We do not have the capability to produce gluten-free beer in our facility, but when our taproom is open, we do offer cider and wine

Can I take Family Business beer to go?

Yes, in fact at this time To - Go is all we're able to offer.

See the tab at the top of the page...

Do you distribute your beer?

Yes, at long last we are officially distributing in the Austin area!

We have a number of draft accounts (see Location tab for specific information).

But even more exciting, we have recently begun canning our flagship beers and are currently in stock at most HEBs, Specs, and Whole Foods in Austin and the surrounding suburbs! We'll post a list of locations soon.

Can I buy your beer online? Will you ship beer to _______?

This may be one of our most Frequently-Asked Questions!

As much as we'd all love that, it is ILLEGAL for us to ship beer, so no.

If you want to experience our beer you'll have to visit either the brewery or one of our various accounts around the Austin area.

We're a proudly small and independent brewery, and currently we have no plans to expand or distribute beyond our current range (Central Texas is BIG and THIRSTY y'all!).

We do hope you can come visit us someday, and barring that we hope you'll support your local breweries, wherever you are!

How often do you update the website?